From My Heart to Yours

Hello Darlings!

Recently, I became more educated in publishing laws and in doing so learned that if I ever want my story(ies) to be sold in stores (which I do, and will) then I can't publish it here! SO, instead of my fictional tale, I'll be devoting this space to the chronicles of my journey in drag. Here, I'll share anecdotes about my name's origin, how I was raised, how Mossy came to be, and more! To start this off on a truly personal note, I wanted to tell you about the moment I am currently living in, my present, if you will. It makes sense that before I tell you where I've been, I should tell you where I am.

My real name is Jeremiah. I currently live in Indianapolis, IN, but I will always consider Nashville, TN to be my true home. My family moved there when I was 11 after living in 6 other states and 15 different houses. I've lived in trailers, a log cabin, cute little suburban boxes, and then landed in the house that would become my home in Tennessee. Eventually, I moved away from Nashville in 2010 to join the United States Air Force. Although I miss those hills and the tender christmases, I believe that I am right where I'm supposed to be.

I'm the son of an Air Force veteran-turned-preacher and a devoted preacher's wife. They live in Orlando, FL, which gives me every excuse I need to visit Disney and The Magical World of Harry Potter!!!--I  mean, visit my parents-- any time I can afford it! My younger brother lives in Indianapolis, too, which is how I came to be here myself. He's the loving father, and I am the PROUD uncle, of a smart, sensitive, and brave four-year old that we call Mac. He prefers skateboards and trains to wigs and dresses, but he is my nephew after all. I'm sure there's glitter in them veins somewhere! 

When I'm not writing or performing as Mossy, I'm a school teacher! I teach kindergarten through seventh grade Technology. Even though the job can be very challenging, it has proven to be incredibly rewarding. I love my kids very much and I hope that they will believe in themselves one day as much as I already do. They are all so strong and smart. I am sure I'll be sharing plenty of stories!

Call me Captain Obvious, but I'm a southerner, through and through! I love sweet tea, garden-fresh fried green tomatoes, and I have a definite twang to my voice which reveals itself even more boldly when I've had a little whiskey. Yes, I am a whisky kind of person! I also love old typewriters, smoking tobacco in my faithful pipe (named Lorelai), and long road trips. I've traveled to twenty-four countries throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas. I love learning new languages and cultures, but MOST importantly I travel for the food! I am destined to weigh 500 pounds. Food is truly the way to my heart. 

Aside from drag and teaching, I also love music. I worked as a professional songwriter in Nashville and toured full-time in a Christian rock band for many years. Songwriting and performing brings me such joy! Though, you can imagine how it was being gay in the Christian music industry. Especially in the early 2000's! More on that later, though. My coming out story is like a Lifetime Original Movie and, unfortunately, isn't too rare of a tale. I'm sure, one day, I'll work up the courage to share that part of my life. However, sharing such things and reliving them on the page is not an easy task. Which makes them worth telling, if you ask me. 

All of these things contribute to who I am and where I've been, but they're not the whole story. Aside from my brother, Mac, and my parents, there is more to my family. There's my chosen family. At home you'll see Lord Baxter, the solid black Goldendoodle with a penchant for hilarity and mischief. Then we have Skully, the beautiful and clever short-haired Blue Russian cat who regularly asserts her dominance over Bax. He has no idea how big he is compared to her, but one day he will. He's only eleven months old so I'm sure he'll learn in time! 

I love both animals dearly, but the most important person in the world to me is my boyfriend, Zac. I call him Professor, and you may as well. I'm sure he'd insist on upon it. You'll grow to love him, too, as I share some of our stories. He's brilliant! With two bachelors and a master's degree (chemistry, math, special needs education) he has the most incredibly sexy brain. I'm very lucky to have a person in my life who loves me unconditionally and supports my dreams. It's definitely not something I take for granted. 

My life has been an amazing journey so far, filled with blessings and hardships, and I cannot wait to take y'all along for the ride! I apologize in advance if there are occasional typing or grammatical errors. You'd think that with a bachelor's in English, I wouldn't have a problem. Yet, I am dependent upon and spell-check the same way Donald Trump's pants depend on his belt. Without them, everyone would see how little... I remember from grammar class. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope this moment finds you feeling loved and important, because you are. Have hope, be brave, and love yourself! 


Mossy Stone


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